On the 30.05.-04.06.2011 the Marine Rescue Training Centre organized next edition of free Motorboat Skipper Course from the funds of European Union project called ‘Cała naprzód’. The group of 10 people, who were successfully recruited to take a part in the course, had a 3-day lectures about motorboats construction, navigation, rescuing, signalling and communication.

Except the lectures, the participants had a catering and the help of the MRTC’s personnel while completing obligatory documents allowing to take an exam on Motorboat Skipper. Each of the participant also took a part in practical drills of driving and manoeuvring the motorboat. The course is the most popular one from all free courses of ‘Cała naprzód’ project. Currently, volunteers can only apply for a place on the reserve list. It is worth mentioning, that the MRTC also organizes paid Motorboat Skipper course – everyone is welcome.