On 18. – 27.03.2011 the Marine Rescue Training Centre organizes the Motorboat Skipper course. The completion of the course allows to get motorboat skipper license, which is essential while driving motorboats with engine power of 60 KW on sea waters in the area of two nautical miles from the shore in daytime.

During the weekend (18.-20.03.) the group of participants (mostly composed of fire-fighters) got to know the theory of driving motorboats and afterwards started the practical part of the course. Practical drills are held on the Oder river with the experienced instructor, who takes care of the participants’ safety. Owing to the efforts of the Centre, the current Motorboat Skipper course is the first such course organized by the MRTC independently from other training centers. The price of the course is 350 PLN and can be negotiated.

During the same weekend 18.-20.03.2011 other group of participants had a chance to take a part in the “Loading and unloading of cargoes on container ships” course. The course included such issues like: BELCO container management system; stowage and stability correctness; preparing of ballasting and deballasting sequence. Not only an interesting program of the course but also the fact that the course was for free, increased its attractiveness. The “Loading and unloading of cargoes on container ships” course is one of the five free courses organized from the funds of European Union project called Human Capital Programme. Such training are designed for those who want to improve their professional skills. The next edition of the course will take a place in June!