On 02.08.2010 the Marine Rescue Training Centre organized the courses for students of the Maritime University for the academic year 2010/2011. Navigation and Marine Enginering Faculties started its courses with Personal Survival Techniques Training. Students had many pratical drills in water. Such practical drills help future mariners in acting properly during an evacuation from the ship. Later, students were trained during Fire Fighting course. They got to know the kinds of fire and took a part in fire-fighting action. During the First Aid course participants were taught how to resuscitate and help person who had an injury on the board. The last course was Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities Training, That course focuses on the methods of taking care of yourself and other crewmembers. One part of the course was a lecture about stress and its influence on the human body. Students must be aware of many stressful situations when they will be at sea far from home.

Below pictures showing practical drills during the Personal Survival Techniques course.