During this year’s Sea Days that took place on 11.-13.06.2010 there were lots of attractions for shipcompanies, students, youth and also for the Maritime University employees at the Marine Rescue Training Centre.


On Friday two companies: Wilhelmsen Ships Service Poland and Whilhelmsen Ships Equipment had their 15th founding anniversary.





The anniversary events took place on Chateaubriand ship.

Among many quests were:

Trachimowicz Leszek – PŻM technical director
Miądowicz Włodzimierz – PŻB technical director
Czubak Leszek – PRO senior technical inspector
Budniak Jacek – Euroafrica senior technical inspector
Kowalski Artur – Baltramp technical director
Kandyła Andrzej – WSS Poland director
Parson James – Wilhelmsen Ships Service director of East European region
Stavanheim Arnstein – Wilhelmsen Ships Equipment sales director of North European region
Representatives of charter companies from Tricity, Warsaw, Szczecin, Hamburg
Representatives of Green Reefers (Szczecin)
Representatives of Northern Shipyard in Gdańsk
Representatives of Gdańsk “Repair” Shipyard
Representatives of “Gryfia” Repair Shipyard
Representatives of Marine Repair Shipyard in Świnoujście
Representatives of Gdańsk Shipyard
Representatives of design offices.
Best greetings to all.

We hope that everyone spent a great night. We invite you to cooperate with our Centre.

An interesting attraction was prepared for the Wilhelmsen’s guests by The Marine Rescue Training Centre. The Centre organized a launching of free fall lifeboat.

We want to thank the following people, who inspite of a fear, took a part in that event:

Szaj Karol
Mioduchowski Tomasz
Citka Jan
Kamińska Marta
Wierzbowski Marcin
Renkiewicz Bartosz
Kozubowska Agnieszka
Piotrowski Tomasz

The launch was conducted by the employees of the Marine Rescue Training Centre. Capt. Jan Nowak looked after the safety of the launch and was assisted by the director of MRTC Mr. Adrian Druchniak and our technical worker Mr.Czesław Zawadzki.

In the evening the same day at MRTC our guests had an opportunity to see professional fireworks show (organized by Wilhelmsen company).


On the second day of Sea Days the workers of Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Maritime University in Szczecin organized the meeting called ‘Szalupiada’ at MRTC. Except an integration barbecue, there were many interesting contests for participants.

In the picture: Vice Rector for Teaching PhD. Eng. Przemysław Rajewski and Dean Prof. Jerzy Hajduk

The banner shows that the students have got a big sense of humour.

The participants of ‘Szalupiada’:

Demostration of oars:

Pictures by courtesy of Vice Rector for Teaching PhD. Eng. Przemysław Rajewski.

Among the guests of ‘Szalupiada’ were:
Vice Rector for Teaching PhD. Eng. Przemysław Rajewski
Dean Prof. Jerzy Hajduk
Dean Prof. Zofia Jóźwiak
PhD. Eng Jacek Trojanowski
PhD. Eng Andrzej Stefanowski

Msc. Eng Paweł Krause
Eng Tomasz Dudziński

On Sunday at ‘Pogoń’ stadium near Twardowski Street the football tournament for employees of the marine industry took a place. MRTC together with Ms. Małgorzata Pasikiewicz from the office of the general director of PŻM organized many interesting attractions.

In the picture – players of the football tournament with fans.

Unfortunately, we didn’t win the first prize in the tournament, but we can be proud of ourselves, because we showed that we can have lots of fun while playing.

In the picture: the director of MRTC Mr. Adrian Druchniak talking with the general director of PŻM and declaring that in the next year we will win with the PŻM team.

During the family picnic, children could take a part in many contests.

There was also a presentation of sea rescue equipment of OSRM.

In aquata Przemysław Rewucki – IT specialist of Maritime University.

Medical and police equipment was also presented. Preschoolers could take a part in football play.

In the picture from left:
Artur Chorzelewski (director of Marine Officers’ Training Centre), Robert Wyrostkiewicz (director of technical department of the Maritime University), Małgorzata Łużna (OSRM), Adrian Druchniak (OSRM director), Czesław Zawadzki (OSRM), Anna Mikucka (OSRM) and Gabriela Łokietek (OSRM).

All participants of the football tournament:

Adrian Druchanik – defender (director of OSRM)
Artur Chorzelewski – supporter (director of SDKO)
Artur Lipecki – defender (director of technical department)
Zbigniew Łosiewicz – OSRM worker
Przemysław Rewucki – forward , UCI worker
Jan Grudzień – the best goal keeper, technical department worker
Tadeusz Łucek – technical department worker
Bogdan Rusek – defender, technical department worker
Jakub Świątek – supporter, technical department worker
Piotr Klimaszewski – supporter, technical department worker
Jan Pietrzak – supporter, technical department worker
Norbert Marchewka – defender, SWFiS worker
Artur Jankowiak – SWFiS worker

The football tournament was held by courtesy of:

Vice Rector for Maritime Affairs , Prof. PhD. Eng. Master Mariner Wojciech Ślączka
Vice Rector for Teaching PhD. Eng. Przemysław Rajewski
Msc. Olgierd Victorini – promotion department
Eng. Adrian Druchniak – director of OSRM

And all workers of the Maritime University who tooak a part in the tournament promoting our University!