Whereas most of the employees of Maritime University were spending the working Saturday (26th of May) in their offices, the employees of Marine Rescue Training Centre, Marine Officers’ Training Centre and Baltic Sea Fishery Training Centre were actively taking part in the First Aid training. The training was organized by director of MRTC Mr. Adrian Druchniak, who not only wanted to make that working day more attractive, but also to deliver a necessary knowledge to the participants of the training. The course (which lasted several hours) was conducted by paramedic and MRTC’s lecturer Mr Stępień Marek (MAR-MED company).


A group of participants (employees and director of MRTC, employees and director of MOTC and a director of BSFTC) took part in theoretical lecture and practical drills in the open air. Mr Stępień introduced trainees to the general first aid principles, described an anatomy and physiology of human body and rules of giving first aid to an injured (conscious and unconscious).

All trainees willingly entered the practical part of the training, which included: recovery position of an injured and giving first aid to the unconscious person. Each of the participant had to take part in exercises under in advanced planned scenario, which included: occurrence analysis, checking the consciousness of an injured, asking a passerby for assistance in rescue action, checking if the injured can breath, calling the ambulance, resuscitation and defibrillation with AED device. The course ended with issuing of the completion certificates.

MRTC would like to thank Mr Marek Stępień for the training, employees  and director of MOTC and the director of BSFTC for taking part in that event. The Marine Rescue Training Centre invites all trainees to take courses in our 'safe' rescue training centre!