On Sunday the 13th of May near Chrobry Boulevard, on an embankment as well as on the Oder River, it was very loud and crowded. The units of WOPR, Border Guards of Szczecin Port, Police, Municipal Police, Port Rescue Service, The Ambulance Service and the representatives of WZKiOL of Szczecin City Council and the Marine Rescue Training Centre of Maritime University in Szczecin – all of them gathered there.

The excursion ship 'Dziewanna' with 60 passengers on board (among them were students of Maritime University in Szczecin) were sailing from the Old Town embankment when suddenly she reported some technical problems to the Port Authority. The ship lost her mobility and hit the stake. The water began to flow in, so the emergency alarm was announced. The panic burst, few people were hurt, some jumped into water. After few minutes the WOPR units arrived and started to take people out from the water. The paramedics got to the ship and started to divide those who were injured on different groups (depending on their physical state, kinds of injuries they had etc). The first passengers, who were evacuated, were those with the most serious injuries, unconscious, those with the risk of spinal injuries, head injuries or with broken limbs. The passengers were transported by the Fire Brigade to the medical aid station near the Port Authority. After the evacuation the Border Guards of Szczecin Port started to protect the ship from possible oil spillage and fire.
Fortunately, that incident was only simulated scenario, it was the part of the drills under the name 'Dziewanna'. The drills concerned proper leading of a rescue operation during incidents and collisions on Szczecin Port waters and fighting against unlawful acts on the objects of Szczecin Port.The aims of these drills were: checking the emergency system on Szczecin Port objects and waters; checking the effectiveness of procedures used by units responsible for ships safety, port objects safety, checking the cooperation effectiveness between above mentioned units with Port Authority and WZKiOL; checking cooperation among units responsible for limitation of environment pollution; precise cooperation plans between WOPR, ZMPSiŚ S.A. with safety units.The Marine Rescue Training Centre also took a part in these drills, together with its employees, students of Maritime University (second year of Faculty of Navigation and those who get practical training on Nawigator XXI ship) and Pomeranian Rescue Association. The group was supervised by Cpt. Zbigniew Ferlas. Before the group got on 'Dziewanna’s' deck, Cpt Ferlas with director of MRTC Mr Adrian Druchniak had trained them how to act properly in case of an emergency action. The students were also trained by the captain of 'Dziewanna' about the dangers that can occurr on board.
The emergency action was very successful. The Marine Rescue Training Centre would like to thank all the participants!