The Marine Rescue Training Centre of Maritime University in Szczecin organized a special teaching Free Fall Lifeboat course for future rescue techniques lecturers.

Four persons: M.Sc. Eng. Górtowska Marzena, M.Sc. Eng. Górtowski Paweł, M.Sc. Eng. Igielski Karol and Capt. Szelepajło Piotr firstly got to know the theoretical issues concerning free fall lifeboat (for example: its construction and maintenance, current rules and regulations) and then took a part in launch of the boat from the 10 meters high tower.


The participants were provided with coveralls, helmets and life jackets. After the launch the trainers were manoeuvring  the Free Fall Lifeboat on the Oder River near the MRTC’s embankment.

Trainees who come to the Marine Rescue Training Centre will soon have an opportunity to meet its new lecturers.