On 27 of February 2012 the Marine Rescue Training Centre organized first Ice Navigation course (basic) for employees of PŻM.
Programme of the course included: - voyage preparation, - ice navigation, - navigation by fairways and under pilotage, - ice-breaker assistance, - berthing & (un)mooring.

The basic Ice Navigation course is intended for masters, chief officers, experienced watch keeping officers and other persons with responsible duties in navigation work. The course introduces safe ways of entering any subzero winter areas and focuses mainly on the Baltic Sea area. The trainees will gain a knowledge about any possible risks while navigating in ice, methods of avoiding these risks and about maneuvering in such weather conditions. The course makes the participants aware of limitations of rescue operations and of oil spill dangers.
The price of the course is 500 pln and will be valid during the first half of 2012.